Read the shocking story of Salesian abuse in the USA,
and follow the current litigation taking place in LA.

Response to Salesian Kingpin Fr. John Itzaina

The current mouthpiece for the World Record holder Clergy molesters, the Salesians of California, is Fr. John Itzaina. Itzaina goes on record as attacking Attorney Ray Boucher, for “getting rich on the misery of the abused”. This formidable statement is followed by Itzainas claim that Salesians Clergys’ lives are ruined by “allegations without proof”. How can Attorneys get rich on the misery of the abused, if , according to Itzaina, the false accusers were not abused?

If it were true that the Salesians were merely innocent Priests who have been falsely targeted, I could not go on record and state in writing that: The Salesians Dabbenne and Billante were convicted, Presenti and Miani are serial pedophiles, Whelan and Vitone were found guilty by juries, and of course, “the Salesians are record holder accused molesters.”

If Fr. Itzaina, and his reckless gang of accused, convicted, and admitted sex offenders ever emerged from their cloud of self pity and denial, they would see that they are their own worst enemy. Itzaina now cries to the media that the Salesians are the victims, and they have to sell their Mansion in San Francisco, that has housed countless child rapists, to pay for their court settlement. Apparrantly it has not occurred to the narcissist kingpin that generally, the public does not have sympathy for rapists, deviates, molesters, child sodomizers, and pedophiles who bask in the luxury of a San Francisco Mansion.

Fr. Itzaina has been immersed in a capacious pool of Salesian accused molesters for years on end, and amazingly, and not believably, he “knows nothing”. Predictably, he does not offer apology in his statement, he typically denigrates the victims, and resumes denial. That is the Salesian way. Along with the Salesian “empty files” of their serial molesters histories, they come up empty with remorse for the damage and destruction they have caused to so many children.

Most importantly, as the Salesians continue to wallow in their cesspool of indulgent self pity, they should be reminded that they could have settled the claims against their Mammoth Molestation Machine years ago, and avoided all their court costs and attorneys fees.

The price the Salesians have to pay was driven by their vindictive hatred, and their spiteful arrogance for their victims. The next time you go before the altar in front of Jesus Christ, Fr. Itzaina, I want you to light one candle for each of the victims the Salesians have sexually molested in California.
I am sure the light from the candles will illuminate the entire West Coast.

Joey Piscitelli

May 28th 2008.

Salesians settle final L.A. Archdiocese priest abuse case for $19.5 million

A jury had just been seated in the civil trial of the lawsuit. The order expresses contrition to the victims.
By Richard Winton, Los Angeles Times Staff Writer
May 15, 2008
The Salesian Society agreed Wednesday to pay $19.5 million to 17 childhood molestation victims, ending the last unresolved case involving the Los Angeles Archdiocese's sexual abuse crisis.

The settlement came after jurors were seated to hear allegations that the Salesians knew Father Titian Miani, now 81, had been accused of preying on youths when they assigned him to St. John Bosco High School in Bellflower, where he allegedly molested four children.

Attorney Raymond Boucher, who represented the victims, said he believes that the court process appeared to give the Salesians insight into childhood abuse that resonated through the organization.

"The Salesians understood from the jury selection and by looking at the panel that their pattern and practices were not going to go over well with the jurors and they would be at substantial risk of damages so high that they potentially could put them out of business," Boucher said.

The Salesian Society declined last summer to be part of a $660-million settlement between more than 500 abuse victims and the Los Angeles Archdiocese, its insurers and other religious orders.

In a statement after the settlement, the order was contrite about the actions of Miani, known as Father Jim.

"We understand the deep hurt that these incidents of abuse have caused to young people -- who are the most vulnerable members of our society -- and their families," said Father John Itzaina, vice provincial of the Salesian Society. "We recognize the pain that has been caused by this reprehensible behavior of some, and we are doing everything in our power to ensure this never happens again."

The Survivors Network of those Abused by Priests said no other order has been so resistant to accepting responsibility for its members' abuse, shuffling predator priests and playing legal hardball with victims.

"They paid money at the point of a gun," said David Clohessy, SNAP's national director. "A trial would not have only exposed child sexual abuse, as terrible as that is, but also revealed the Salesian hierarchy's complicity and recalcitrance."

Miani was accused as a seminarian in the 1940s of molesting a 13-year-old boy at an Italian church retreat and of sexually abusing at least three youngsters at a Salesian boarding school in Edmonton, Canada, according to court papers.

After his transfer to St. John Bosco in Bellflower, he befriended a family whose father had recently died. While the mother was busy at work and night school, Miani would show up at the family home and molest the 15-year-old son and two daughters, the court documents said.

Miani left the order in 1974 but continued to serve as a priest until his retirement from clerical duties in 1993. His last known residence was Stockton, according to court papers.


May 2nd 2008.

Salesian Catholic High School teacher arrested for sex abuse
SNAP blasts Salesian Principal for not protecting students
Group asks why the sex abuse was not reported months ago
Abuse victims ask students to come forward with new information
What: At a sidewalk news conference, SNAP members will demand Salesian High School Principal Tim Chambers explain why students were discouraged from receiving flyers months ago, when suspicions of sex abuse were first brought to the schools attention. Teacher Ricky Bonds has been arrested, and students have been calling SNAP for months asking why nothing was done about the abuse.
Activists will demand that the Salesian Principal tell other students who may have been sexually abused to come forward.
When: Friday, May 2, 12 Noon
Who: Sex Abuse victims who were former students of Salesian High School ,and who are members of a support group called SNAP
(Survivors Network of Those Abused By Priests).
Why: The Salesian Order of the Bay Area has the largest number of accused and convicted child molesters from one local school/group known to SNAP in the USA.
Abuse victims want to warn children and parents from the school about what has happened in the past here, and ask why prevention programs may not be working.
Where: 2851 Salesian Ave. Richmond (corner of 29th St. and Vale Rd) Richmond, Ca.
Backround: Salesian High School has been plagued with sex abuse lawsuits and accusations. On April 1 to 3rd, there was an extensive report and expose in the Contra Costa newspapers accusing the Salesian school of having the record for sex abuse allegations in Northern California. This new allegation is a sign that the Salesian Order and the School may not have gotten the message, or learned their lessons from the past history of sex abuse and allegations at the school.
SNAP is the nations largest and oldest support group for victims of clergy abuse .It has nearly 6000 members in all 50 states.
For more information:
Joey Piscitelli SNAP North Calif Director 925-262-3699 cell
David Clohessy SNAP National Director 314 - 566-9790 cell

March 4th 2008

Joey Piscitelli                                                                                             
110 Escobar Street
Martinez,  Ca.  94553
Richmond Police Department
Sergeant Brian Dickerson
Sexual Assault Division
1701 Regatta Blvd.
Richmond, Calif. 94804
RE: Salesian High School Sex Abuse Reports filed this week
Dear Sergeant Dickerson,
   This letter is regarding the two molestation complaints filed this week, against the Clergy sex abusers at Salesian High School. I understand your office has several complaints filed against several Clergy child predators from Salesian High School. SNAP- (The Survivors Network of those Abused by Priests) records show that there are 21 Salesian clerics locally in California that have been accused of crimes against children including child rape, sodomy, oral copulation, lewd and lascivious conduct, and molestation. This amount of 21 local accused pedophiles is a world record.

  The 21 local California Salesian Clerics who were convicted and/or accused are:

    Fr. Bernard Dabbenne, Bro. Sal Billante, Fr. Steve Whelan, Fr. Harold Danielson, Bro. Jesse Dominguez, Fr. Jim  Miani, Bro. Mark Epperson, Fr. Richard Presenti, Fr. Larry Lorenzoni, Bro. John Vas, Mr. Vitone, Bro. Dan Pacheco, Fr. Al Mengon, Bro Ralph Murguia, Fr. Fleming, Fr. Juan Sanchez, Fr. Emanual Palayo, Bro. John Verhart, Fr. Mario Blanco, Bro. Anthony Juarez, and Bro. Ernie Martinez.

   Many of these accused Salesian predators are scheduled for civil jury trials next month in L.A.
  The greatest cause of concern is that there is a residence on the Salesian school grounds in Richmond where many of these accused and convicted molesters have lived, or may be living now. A Salesian "kingpin" from San Francisco, Fr. Malloy, is currently listed as living at the residence. Fr. Malloy, who shields and protects several of the accused, previously had 3 of these accused predators in residence at St. Peter and Pauls in SF with him. Fr. Steve Whelan, found guilty of molestation by civil court trial in 2006, previously roomed with Malloy in SF clear up to the court verdict. We do not know if Whelan is back at the Salesian School grounds now. I can tell you firsthand that Whelan is a violent
disturbed sex offender, as I have testified against him in court for molesting me as a child.
   As you have suggested, I will contact the Community Violence Center as well.
Thank you for your cooperation,
Joey Piscitelli
SNAP North California   925-262-3699

Feb 23, 2008

First Three Trials are Scheduled Against Salesian Order in Los Angeles

attorney photo

Editor: Paul R. Kiesel, Esq.

Firm: Kiesel, Boucher & Larson, LLP

February 23, 2008

By Cheryl Buchanan

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Category: Sexual Abuse

Despite the fact that all of the other Defendants have settled a total of more than 500 cases that were pending in the coordinated litigation known as "Clergy I" in the Los Angeles Archdiocese, the Salesian Order of priests and brothers remains on a dangerous course of denial. At this time, Kiesel, Boucher & Larson is preparing for not only its first trial (scheduled to begin April 14, 2008) involving perpetrators Fr. Titian "Jim" Miani, Fr. Larry Lorenzoni, and Br. Ralph Murguia, but also has trial dates set for July 2008 involving Br. Anthony Juarez and November 2008 involving Br. Ernie Martinez. Miani, Lorenzoni, Murguia, Juarez, and Martinez, all sexuallly abused children while assigned at St. John Bosco in Bellflower, California.

Additional trial dates are expected to be set against the Salesians involving perpetrators Br. John Verhart and Br. Mark Epperson. While Verhart also abused multiple children at St. John Bosco in Bellflower, Epperson molested a boy at another nearby Southern California School, St. Don Bsoco Technical School. Our Plaintiff in that case committed suicide in 2003.

Many in the Church and its victims will continue to disagree about the exact extent, cause, and the current state of the pedophilia crisis and its future. But, most will agree that awareness has brought some progress, although they may not want to give credit to one another. Regardless, the Salesian leadership disrespects both the victims and the Archdiocese in its current stance. Furthermore, they make a mockery of their alleged mission to follow St. John Bosco, a mission to serve vulnerable youth. Rather than acknowledge the egregious sins of its past and make moves towards a better future, the Salesians continue to do more damage with their aggressive defense. I wonder how many of their parishioners and student body parents are even aware of this?

The Salesian Order continues to run St. John Bosco, St. Don Bosco, and Salesian High School in Southern California. In Northern California, they run another school also called Salesian High School as well as St. Peter and Paul Parish, and central headquarters at 100 Franking Street in San Francisco.

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Sunday, October 14, 2007

EXTRA: Salesians Religious Order not part of Catholic Church and other ways to conceal evidence in jury trial coming November 5th

By Kay Ebeling

“They say there is no non-privileged information. In other words the Salesians have information they believe is privileged. I’m asking for at the minimum a privilege log.” -- Plaintiff Attorney Tony DeMarco

In an interview below DeMarco talks about his attempts to squeze evidence out of the Salesians in pretrial discovery. But it doesn't matter anyway as according to their Motion in Limine #5 the Salesians really don’t have anything to do with the Catholic Church at all.

Walking into court Thursday at 8:20 the hearing was already in session and Tony DeMarco was saying: “We've received nothing substantive there has been no agreement.” Outside we talked on tape:

DEMARCO: We've got witnesses who testified that they made complaints about Miani, that he sexually molesting kids back in the fifties when they were students at a school run by the Salesians. We've asked for any records they have relating to those students, a fairly reasonable question.

Especially since those students have absolutely no objection to us getting to those records.

The Salesians have objected.

Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Giuliani as president would mean advisors like Alan Placa, the pedophile priest/attorney who created Church policy for pedophile priests

By Kay Ebeling

A New York grand jury ends its report on Alan Placa, pedophile priest, with these words: “Ironically, Priest F would later become instrumental in development of Diocesan policy in response to allegations of sexual abuse of children by priests.” Irony? More like criminal conspiracy. Below are more quotes from Suffolk County about Placa, who today whispers in Rudy Giuliani’s ear, plus an interview with Richard Tollner, one of Placa’s more vocal accusers.

Thursday, October 18, 2007

GUEST BLOG: The Salesians: Record Holder Pedophiles, by Joey Piscitelli

"The Salesians fight every victim tooth and nail, an utter disgrace to all Catholics."

(Editor's Note: Civil cases involving the Salesians Religious Order were not part of the $660 million settlement in LA last July. Jury trials on calendar so far regarding Salesians: Nov. 5 cases involving Father Titian Miani; January 28th cases involving former priest, Jesus Dominguez. Attorneys meet this morning for a status conference on cases involving Brother Ernie Martinez.)

By Joey Piscitelli