This is the mission statement of the Salesian School Chertsey

Salesian Mission Statement

We who work in Salesian Schools state our belief in our young people. We recognise that they come from differing backgrounds but that they are of equal value to God and to us. In the spirit of St John Bosco, we turn our efforts to those who stand in special need because of lack of material or emotional security.

We set out to create in our schools a joyful atmosphere in which the dignity and worth of each pupil and member of staff is recognised, developed and safeguarded. Our schools are noted for an atmosphere of welcome where all feel at home and a sense of safety and security. Staff are willing to be present with the pupils in friendship and to go that one step further, where this is necessary, to meet the needs of young people.

We strive to affirm, develop and challenge the abilities of each. We are concerned with the way in which each person matures within the context of the community. While recognising that national standards have a part to play, in seeking to achieve these, we emphasise the unique path each person will take. Our main criterion is personal worth. We prepare young people to be a positive influence in the places where they live and work with others.

Within our Salesian Schools we foster the spiritual, moral and religious development of our pupils and a lively celebration of prayer. In this, we respect where each one stands and his or her basic freedom to choose. However, we strive to present these important features of school life in a way that speaks to the needs and concerns of our young people.

We recognise that in our present age there are many social and educational tensions that stretch our staff, at times, to breaking point. In our schools, therefore, we undertake to affirm our commitment to and support for each other.

We also recognise that we are part of a network of schools within the Diocese and Local Area. We appreciate and respect the work of colleagues in these schools.

This is part of the whole school photo taken in 1967. I am the boy at the right hand end in the back row. Madley is second from the left in the second row up.